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Call centre consulting

Software for assessment and performance improvement

Typical issues faced by call centre management:


Who are our customers and what are their needs?


Are there additional services our customers require?


Do we have sufficient agents?


Do we have too many agents?


When are our service peaks and troughs?


To what extent is the demand seasonal?


Does the service demand change significantly during the day or on different days of the week?


Broadly, what impact will a change in call-duration or occupancy have on our staffing levels and ability to meet demand?


Do we have need a different level of agents at different times of the day or on different days of the week?


Are significant numbers of customers unable to access our service?

Our consultants, using our c-Perform software, work with you to answer these and many other questions and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your service.  Our c-Perform software covers:

Service demand

Customer profiling

Service capacity

Analysis of options